A travelling fair

A travelling fair was coming to Tech. It was happening in parking area behind the library. There are maybe six attractions and free food such as cotton candy. I could also get free bottle of water there. Lot of students came, so there were long waiting line in front of each attractions. Although I was in the library to study, my friend forced me to go there. After going back to the library, my friend and I were really exhausted and we did not have energy to study at all. One of attractions called “zero gravity” was extremely intense. It made me crazy and super dizzy.


IMG_1375 IMG_1383

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Winery Basement

It was first time for me to go to winery basement. After buying two bottles of wine in winery shop, one of my friends asked a seller if we can see the winery’s basement. The wine seller said “although a guide take people to basement, you guys can take a look freely”. A lot of wine was stored in the basement. I saw barreled wined piled up  near wall in dark and cool underground. It was like a cave. The basement was not used currently, but I could smell wine there. A opened place was in front of the gate to the basement. it looks like a place to drink wine. There was a bar beside the place. Red carpet on the floor and red table cloth really  catch people’s eyes.



IMG_1311 IMG_1304

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Only irons

My instructor gave students a project to make design of shopping bags. This project made my graphic skill improve a lot after finishing the design. My shopping bag’s design is for irons shop. The company name is “only irons”. I learned new skills through the project. I used not only Adobe Illustrator but also Photoshop this time. I looked up how to make clothes’ texture by AI, but I could know that using photoshop is much more easier to mek that texture. And I needed spiral wire for cables of iron, so I looked up how to make it online too. I also learned how to apply 3D effect to the design. My work was displayed on show case.

IMG_1386 IMG_1387

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A Winery

Post Familie Vineyards, it is a largest winery in Arkansas. My friend took me to the place on the way to go to his house in Ozark.  It was sunny day. The sunshine went through stained-glass window in the shop. Bottles of wine were colorful. I was choosing which bottle of wine would make my day. I picked one white wine from wooden shelf. These shelves were organized like they were focusing to casher where people can also taste wine. There was a place table and chairs installed. It was like cafeteria. The winery was quiet, and it was really relaxing.


IMG_1273 IMG_1288

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I went to overlook in Ozark. It is located above the Arkansas River and Dam. At that time, the color of the sky was changing color and getting darker. Stars were showing up and sharp moon was in the dark sky. A gradation dark blue to bright orange above the horizon make me feel calm. I could see the contrast of shadow of branches with the sky nearby me. When there are only lights of stars in the sky, town down the overlook is lighted. My friends and I look up the sky with full of stars. Usual conversation sounds like special for me. A shooting star dashed through the sky.




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I visited my friend’s house last weekend. His house is in Ozark, Arkansas. He spent there until graduation from his high school. Her mother cooked pizza for his friends and me. His house is really country style. His property, actually his father’s, more than hundreds acres. He took me to brook in his garden. Near by the brook, there was a field to grow vegetables. My friend said there is nothing to do around there, so I just sleep all day when I come over there for weekends. I am from a city 1 hour from Tokyo, Japan. I am kind of jealous that he used to live there.



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CD Album

I am designing a CD album cover for graphic design class. I am required to make up ideas of songs and artists also. So, I decided to name my CD album Love Rain. The artist’s name is YUNO. A movie called KOTO NO HA NO NIWA gave me a inspiration. It is about a love story. The setting was in a Japanese garden on rainy days. A high school boy skipped classes when raining. He usually goes to a Japanese garden instead. He meets a woman who also comes there on rainy days. He falls in love her. That is the beginning of the movie. A way of illustrating the scenery was really beautiful and I thought I wish I could face that situation.



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Mexican Restaurant

I went to a Mexican restaurant located behind the library of Tech. There are several restaurants close together. I ordered burrito with beef, and salad on same a plate. It was first time to go to Mexican restaurant in the U.S., however, there was not big difference from Mexican food in cafeteria at Tech. So I was kind of disappointed that. There are many workers who seem to speak Spanish as a mother tongue. Decorations inside of the restaurant were used with intense primary colors which are not used in usual American restaurant. Colors were contrasting each other. This restaurant gave me a fist impression of Mexico.

La Huerta Mexican Restaurant

2005 N Arkansas Ave
Russellville, AR 72802
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Japanese Summer festival

When I lived in Japan, I thought I was not a traditional Japanese person. Maybe still now I feel like I don’t know about Japan much compare to other Japanese people. However, when I was asked what I know about Japanese culture, I only remember Japanese festivals. That is the only culture actually belongs me. In childhood, people in Japan dressed traditional clothes which are similar to Kimono, but they are more casual. Temporary shops were making lines along streets in front of a beach. These shops have various kind of food such as octopus dumplings and candy floss. Although it depends on places, two thousands of fireworks are sent up in the sky of night.


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Volunteer in Disaster Area

When I was a high school student, the huge earthquake occurred and big tsunami give big damage in North part of Japan. I lived in little bit southern part of Japan, so place where I lived didn’t get damage a lot. Shocking thing was that all media covered about the earth quake and tsunami. All advertising company stopped doing business with mercy for the victims in northern part of Japan.  I felt really bad for the victims, so I decided to go to the area.  The volunteer work itself was not that hard, but I felt like it takes like forever to reconstruct the area by only volunteers who went there. I thought I couldn’t do anything by myself.




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